Help the Homeless Kitties!

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Many of the kittens piling into the shelter right now are very young, and need special care the shelter isn’t equipped to offer on the necessary scale. Open your heart and home as a temporary foster parent to these sweet little furballs! And maybe, ask whether your family is ready to grow…there are hundreds of little faces looking for loving, forever homes.

Often, kittens who wind up in the shelter were orphaned or abandoned by their mothers too soon. Some may be only a few hours old and need 24/7 care and bottle-feeding to survive. Other kittens or cats may need specialized medical care, or essential socialization. In the kitten season crush, our Napa County Animal Shelter staff can’t do it alone!

Consider volunteering as a foster home during this busy time. The shelter will provide all the materials and training you need. But be warned…those tiny little guys can be very persuasive! You might not want to give them back.

If you’ve already been looking for a new cat, now is a perfect time to adopt! There are hundreds of kitties in need of a permanent placement, and they’re at maximal cuteness right now. Contact our local adoption organizations – they literally can’t wait to hear from you.

Don’t forget to ask yourself these important questions before you commit to adopting an animal, though. We want the first adoption to be the only one they ever need!

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