Before You Adopt

Before You Adopt

We are an unusual Humane Society and SPCA that doesn’t operate an animal shelter. Instead, we develop and implement innovative programs and services that help keep animals out of shelters. (For more details, check out “Our History, Our Culture.”) We also promote sheltered animals as the first choice for those seeking a companion animal.

When it comes to pet adoption, we focus first on educating the public so they have the knowledge, tools, and support to pick an appropriate companion animal for their circumstances, and to properly care for that pet for its entire life. For animals housed in our municipal shelter, we also work to minimize the animals’ stay in that environment and assist in finding them new, forever homes.

If you’re browsing our site, you’re likely thinking about getting a new pet. Please read “Is it the Right Time to Adopt?” and “Selecting the Right Pet” before making the commitment to bring a new companion animal into your family.  Then, check out Napa County adoption resources.

We know you have many options for acquiring a new pet. Please make adoption your first choice!

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