Celebrating a Milestone in Napa Humane History!

34 years ago, in 1990, Napa Humane made a transformative leap by acquiring a fully-equipped veterinary clinic on California Boulevard in Napa. This pivotal moment allowed us to convert the facility into a high-volume, high quality, affordable spay/neuter clinic, significantly impacting pet overpopulation in our community.

Today, the Napa Humane Clinic is staffed by licensed veterinarians and skilled, professional veterinary support staff.  Between 2021 – 2023 we spayed/neutered over 13,000 pets, microchipped over 4,000 animals, and provided affordable vaccinations to over 11,000 companion animals in order to keep our pet population healthy and safe.

Napa Humane has been part of the community for over 50 years.  Below is a brief timeline of our history:

    • 1973 – Founded
    • 1990- Acquired Spay/Neuter Clinic
    • 2001 – Shelter razed, forcing a re-examination of our goals, programs, and strategies
    • 2002 – Shift to prevention-focused efforts, turning our focus to bigger-picture solutions that help keep pets out of shelters in the first place
    • 2023 – Celebrated 50 Years

Our belief

We believe that the answer to the problem of homeless, abandoned, and neglected companion animals lies in changing attitudes and practices that lead to irresponsible pet ownership. Our programs and services are designed to address the needs of companion animals – but also to provide support, education, and assistance for the people who care for and about them. Because the humane treatment of companion animals is such an important indicator of healthy communities, we’ve grown to consider Napa Humane a community service organization.

Our Impact

Since 2002, when we refocused our efforts on prevention, we have seen a steady decrease in the number of companion animals surrendered at the Napa County Animal Shelter.  We are confident that our strategic direction and mission will continue to drive those numbers even lower.

Our Programs

Today, our programs have grown beyond being the only low cost spay/neuter clinic in Napa County.  Our work includes the following:

    • Spay/Neuter services for Community Cats (Learn More HERE)
    • Community Wellness Clinics dedicated to assisting Napa County’s underserved populations, these clinics address critical barriers to accessing veterinary care, including socioeconomic constraints and language barriers.
    • The Napa County Animal Shelter Medicine program provides comprehensive medical care to animals in care of the Napa County Animal Shelter.  This program helps reduce animal stress, shorten shelter stays and assists NCAS in managing their cost of care.
    • The Services for Unhoused program plays a crucial role in promoting responsible pet care and strengthening the human-animal bond. By facilitating essential veterinary care, grooming, and training services to the pets of the unhoused, we help maintain the health and well-being of both animals and their owners.

Join us in advocating for a more humane and compassionate Napa County, strengthening human-animal bonds to enhance the quality of life for both our animals and our community.  Napa Humane is supported 100% by donations, grants, and fundraising events. We do not receive money from national animal organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA. We do not receive government funds. We could not do the life saving work we do without the generous support of our community.

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Napa Humane’s mission is to promote the welfare of companion animals through protection, advocacy, education, and by example.

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