FREE CHIPS at Napa Humane Friday April 19!

Free microchips, that is. What better way to celebrate National Pet ID Week? All Napa County dogs, cats and rabbits can get free microchipping and chip registration on Friday, April 19 between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at our Clinic (3265 California Boulevard in Napa). Low-cost vaccinations will also be available, as usual. Why shouldKeep Reading

Planning for the Future

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As much as we’d like to believe the 2017 fires were a one-time accident, climate scientists predict that massive, frequent wildfires are the new normal for California. That’s why Napa Humane is collaborating closely with other community organizations to help everyone prepare more effectively for future wildfires and disasters. What Are We Doing? Wendi Piscia,Keep Reading

One Year Ago…

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This month marks one year since the ferocious wildfires tore through Napa and Sonoma Counties. In Napa County, seven people lost their lives, more than 1,300 structures were damaged, and more than 600 homes were totally destroyed in what was (and still is) the most destructive firestorm in California’s history. Though the 2017 fires areKeep Reading

4,322 Reasons to Celebrate

As we near the end of January, I’m reflecting on the challenges, changes, and accomplishments Napa Humane saw in 2017. Some were big and some were chaotic (and some were both!), but we couldn’t have made it through the year without your support, engagement, and dedication to animals in our community. Thanks to you, weKeep Reading

Firestorm at Mountain Home Ranch – How the Equines Survived

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(lightly edited from original by Suzanne Fouts) A few years ago, we lost one of our rescued mules to old age. We were missing him in our herd, so we put out feelers for another mule in need of a home. What showed up through Sunrise Horse Rescue was a threesome: one quarter horse andKeep Reading

The Purrfect Pick-me-up

Dear Friends, We hope the New Year is off to a great start for each and every one of you! Today, January 8, marks the three-month anniversary of the Atlas Fire, and we wanted to share another incredible story of survival and heroism in the face of the flames. If you could use a moodKeep Reading

A Heartwarming Tail for the Holidays

Dear Friends, Are you ready for an amazing animal story that will fill your hearts right up? Meet Meghan Lucas, a vet tech who lives in Wooden Valley. Like many of us, she was evacuated from her home during the October wildfires. When she and her boyfriend returned a few days later to their badlyKeep Reading

A Few Post-Fire Tips for Animal Lovers

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Here is a quick-reference list of pet-related tips to keep handy as we all work through the fire’s aftermath: If you’re struggling with vet bills from a pet’s fire-related injuries, give Napa Humane a call at 707.255.8118—we have resources to help. If you have lost or found a pet, call the Napa County Animal ShelterKeep Reading

Pulling Together to Save Napa Valley Pets

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Large-scale evacuations like the ones we just experienced posed serious challenges to our local emergency response, but Napa’s animal welfare organizations came together to help support the affected animals. Napa Humane deployed our staff, pet sheltering and transportation facilities, veterinary services, and informational resources to support the emergency response efforts led by the Napa CountyKeep Reading

Letter from the Executive Director

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Dear Friends, Our lives turned upside down this month as wildfires raged in and around the Napa Valley. We suspended Napa Humane’s normal operations October 9-13, and turned our full attention to supporting the emergency response effort. It was devastating to see the flames decimating the homes and businesses of friends, family and colleagues—and displacingKeep Reading

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