Who gets to be well?

Categories: Cats, Clinic, Dogs, Volunteer

Hello Friends, Have you ever had to choose between your pet’s health and your own? This torturous decision is a reality for hundreds of Napa County residents who don’t have enough money to properly safeguard both. That’s why Napa Humane hosts free Wellness Clinics – giving underprivileged families the chance to have their furry lovedKeep Reading

Can We Get to Wellness Clinic 2.0?

Categories: Cats, Dogs, Fundraising

We’re proud that our Wellness Clinics are able to cover the full cost of preventative care and basic ear, eye and skin conditions for most pets. But there are always a few animals who come in with bigger problems…a rotten tooth that needs to be pulled, a dead limb that should be amputated, an eyeKeep Reading

Dr. Caitlin Underhill – Longtime Napa Humane Volunteer

Categories: Volunteer

I was four years old when I told my family I was going to be a vet. They knew in their hearts that this would indeed be my career… I was crazy about every animal! My passion led me to volunteer at the Napa County Animal Shelter as a middle school student, walking dogs toKeep Reading

If You Find Kittens On Their Own

Categories: Cats

Did you stumble across a litter of kittens born outside? Check out these essential tips on how to maximize their chances for survival, and how to tell if they’ve been abandoned. Kittens should ideally stay with their mothers until they are eating solid food, which tends to happen at 4-6 weeks old. If you findKeep Reading

Help the Homeless Kitties!

Categories: Cats, Humane Education

Many of the kittens piling into the shelter right now are very young, and need special care the shelter isn’t equipped to offer on the necessary scale. Open your heart and home as a temporary foster parent to these sweet little furballs! And maybe, ask whether your family is ready to grow…there are hundreds ofKeep Reading

Do A Good Deed for Mom

Categories: Cats, Clinic

Mother’s Day typically is right around the peak of kitten season, as the Napa County Animal Shelter starts to burst at the seams with orphaned and abandoned kittens. Why not make a donation in Mom’s honor to help prevent this needless suffering? We’re currently able to offer free spay/neuter surgeries for community cats because ofKeep Reading

Kitten Season is here!

Categories: Cats, Clinic

Dear Friends, As impossibly adorable as “kitten season” sounds, this is actually the toughest time of year for animal welfare groups. This is when most unaltered cats are having their litters…whether they’re wanted or not. Every year around this time, local shelters are pushed beyond their limits by a flood of baby kitties in needKeep Reading

10 Tips for a Safer Spring

Springtime, here we come! The following tips will help keep pets safe as the sunny season shifts into high gear. Check the screens…. There’s nothing like opening the windows and letting that fresh spring air in! But before you do, make sure all window screens are properly fitted. Both cats and dogs have been knownKeep Reading

Big Picture Thinking…

Categories: Humane Education

The CDC estimates that half of all children in the United States will be bitten by a dog before age 12. A dog with a history of biting tends to get pushed out of the family and onto the unwanted list. It’s notoriously hard to re-home these animals, and many risk being euthanized. A biteKeep Reading

Press Release – FREE Spay/Neuter for Cats

Categories: Cats, Clinic

Napa Humane Partners with Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch To Provide Free Spay/Neuter Surgery for Cats Non-profits pool resources to address “kitten season” and overcrowded shelters NAPA, CALIFORNIA. January 26, 2018. Napa Humane has joined forces with Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR) to provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries for approximately 200 cats this February, to reduce theKeep Reading

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