From single-sessions to multi-week courses, Napa Humane can help!

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Our goal is to help dog owners gain the skills to better communicate with their dogs and to teach dogs the skills they need to be better companions. Our classes focus on teaching both people and dogs skills that help us all live in harmony. Our variety of classes offer availability to both wallets and schedules!

How to Register for Classes:

To learn more about class details and dates, or to register, click “Learn More” in the descriptions below. Registration happens through a third party website, Book Your Pet. You’ll need to create an account to register for training classes and submit class payments.

Should you have any questions about what class is your best match, or any trouble registering, please email information about your dog and request to

All Classes are held at our Napa Humane Education Center at 3149 California Blvd Suite J

What’s the difference between a Single-Session and a Course?

A Single-Session is a single class that focuses on a specific skill, more like a tutoring session. Our Single-Sessions are single, one-hour classes.

Our Single-Sessions repeat monthly to allow you the opportunity to repeat the course as often as you need. We understand that not every dog or family need to complete a full course. We also understand that some dogs need a little extra assistance with specific tasks while they’re masters at others. These Single-Sessions allow you and your dog to recover lost skills and level-up already-known skills. If your dog has attended the course before, your instructor will adjust your dog’s lessons for their skill set.

A Course is a multi-week class designed to build your dog’s skills at each class. Each week your dog will learn a new skill, building off of what they learned in the previous class. These Course Classes are typically four, five or six weeks in length.

Single-Session Classes

Play Date

Socializing for young dogs between 8 and 16 weeks old. (Must be 7 days post first vaccine)

Play Dates are offered on:

Sundays at 10am

Wednesdays at 6pm


A focused monthly workshop for dogs who need work on “Come!”. Workshops are held one Sunday a month from 12-1pm

Upcoming dates:

July 7

August 11

September 15

Leash Manners Workshop

A monthly workshop focused on practicing and learning leash skills. Workshops are held one Sunday a month from 12-1pm

Upcoming Dates:  

July 21

August 25

September 22

Recall Skills

Join for Part 2 of our Recall Workshops

Sundays 12-1pm

Upcoming Dates:

July 14

August 18

Level Up Leash Manners

The next stage in skill building for peaceful leash walks.

Sundays 12-1pm

Upcoming Classes:

July 28

September 29

All Workshops require pre-registration and will be held at the Napa Humane Education Center: 3149 California Blvd, Suite K, Napa, CA 94558.

Multi-Week Course Classes

5-Week Course

Puppy Preschool

Socializing for young dogs between 8 and 16 weeks old offered

Upcoming Dates:
Mondays from 6-6:45pm

August 12 to September 16 (skip 9/2)

Thursdays from 6-6:45pm

July 18 to August 15

4-Week Course

Basic Manners

Manners class for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Upcoming Dates:
Bilingual Wednesday 7-7:45pm

July 24 – August 13

Sundays 1:30-2:15pm

September 8 – September 29

5-Week Course

Teen Manners

Manners class for “teen” dogs from 6 months to 2 years old.

Upcoming Dates:
Thursdays from 7-7:45pm.

July 25 to August 15

3 – Week Course

person extending hand towards dog while dog sits with paws up

Busy Buddy Basics

Busy Buddy Basics is a 3-week course designed to cover important skills in a short amount of time. This class is for all dogs over 6 months.

Sundays 1:30-2:30pm
Upcoming Dates:

August 4 to August 18


5-Week Course

A dog jumping and pulling on leash

Leash Monster to Mild-Mannered

A class for dogs who bark & lunge on leash

Mondays 7-7:45pm
Upcoming Dates:

August 12 to September 19 (skip 9/2)

Bilingual Assistance Available

5-Week Course

Small Dogs, Big Manners

A manners class just for dogs under 30lbs/20″ tall held on

Sundays 11am-11:45am.
Upcoming Dates:

July 14 to August 11

August 25 to September 29 (skip 9/1)

6-Week Course

A dog wearing a vest and leash

Canine Charm School

A Class building on your dog’s manners skills with the goal of preparing your dog for the Canine Good Citizen evaluation. Please note: This is a 6 week class!

Tuesdays 6-6:45

July 30 – September 10 (skip 8/6)

5-Week Course

Intro to Dog Sports

If you’ve ever been interested in trying out sports with your dog, join us for this brand new class. We’ll introduce you and your dog to the wonderful world of Dog Sports. Due to the active nature of this class, dogs will wait in the car or their crate and rotate through the activities. This makes it a great class for reactive dogs!

Mondays from 7-7:45pm
Upcoming Dates:

August 12 to September 16 (skipped 9/2)

5-Week Course

Brave Buddies

A class for our timid friends. The focus of this class is building confidence for dogs. This class will begin in your car and as the dogs get comfortable, we’ll move from the car to the parking lot and then into the classroom as the dogs are ready.

Sundays 3-3:45pm

Runs By Request

Please email if you are interested in being notified when this class is available!

All Course Classes will be held at the Napa Humane Education Center: 3149 California Blvd, Suite K, Napa, CA 94558. All Classes require pre-registration.

Human Only Education Classes

These classes cover a specific topic with the goal of educating the human end of the leash. Leave your pup at home so you can give your full attention to the day’s lesson.


Potty Training & Puppy Prep

If you’re preparing to bring home a puppy or having trouble potty training, join us for a great discussion to learn new tips and tricks and to ask your questions!

Email to be notified of offerings for this class


Dog Body Language

Learn about Body Language, the Basics of Learning and the Power of Choice and Enrichment.

June 17th 6:00-7:30 pm


A dog jumping and pulling on leash

Managing Aggression

Learn about managing and preventing aggression and intense fear. A great option when your dog isn’t a candidate for group training.

Email to be notified of offerings for this class

All Human-Only Classes will be held at the Napa Humane Education Center: 3149 California Blvd, Suite K, Napa, CA 94558.


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For questions regarding the classes, please call us at 707.255.8118 or email us at

All classes are held at:
Napa Humane Education Center
3149 California Blvd, Suite J
Napa, CA 94559

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