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“Safe Around Dogs and Cats” (approximately 45-60 minutes)

Napa Humane has created education programs that teach elementary school-age kids how to be safe around dogs and cats when they’re at home, when they’re visiting other homes with dogs and cats, and when they’re out in the community more generally. The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year, and estimate that half of all children in the United States will suffer a dog bite before age 12.  But dog bites aren’t the only concern for elementary school-age children; cat bites and scratches pose risks, as well.

One presentation was developed specifically for younger children (K-3), and another for grades 4 and 5. Our multi-media teaching tools explain animal posture, body language and situations to avoid, while keeping kids engaged and entertained.


“Responsible Pet Care” (approximately 45-60 minutes)

Napa Humane’s free program for children grades 2 through 5 teaches them proper basic care for their companion animals. We discuss pet grooming, exercise, veterinary care, housing, and humane treatment generally.

Teaching children how to responsibly love and care for their pets not only improves their pets’ quality of life – it also instills life lessons that help those children grow into responsible, compassionate adults.

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