One Year Ago…

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This month marks one year since the ferocious wildfires tore through Napa and Sonoma Counties. In Napa County, seven people lost their lives, more than 1,300 structures were damaged, and more than 600 homes were totally destroyed in what was (and still is) the most destructive firestorm in California’s history. Though the 2017 fires are long extinguished, Napa Humane’s recovery work continues.

Helping with the Hurt

It takes years to bounce back from devastation like we experienced, and many of our Napa neighbors are still struggling financially. Insurance, if available, seldom covers the full cost of the damage to homes, workplaces, and earnings.

Fortunately, we have donations earmarked for fire victims’ companion animals, and we are using them to ensure that no one impacted by the fires has to surrender a pet – or make their pets suffer – because they can’t afford the necessary care.

For more on how we’ve been helping Napan fire victims keep their furry family members healthy, safe, and happy, check out this short video with Wendi, our Executive Director:

Proud to Be a Second Responder

Napa Humane’s work supporting fire victims and their pets was recently honored at a “Celebrating Second Responders” event, hosted by the Napa Valley Community Foundation and The Doctors Company. We were thrilled to be recognized for our work, and honored to be included among so many local heroes who stepped up to lead recovery efforts. (You can read more here!)

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