New Year, New Inspiration!

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Dear Friends,

A New Year is a chance to revisit the WHYs behind our daily actions. Why are we at Napa Humane here doing this work together? The answers always leave me inspired.

So that the puppies and kittens born in Napa County are wanted and cared for, not entering shelters or rescue groups every day. So that pets lost in disasters (or because a gate got left open) can easily locate their owners.

So our children know how to safely and respectfully interact with animals, and family pets don’t get taken away as “biters.” So that preventable diseases don’t steal the lives of young animals, or threaten our human neighbors.

Napa Humane exists to ensure that this IS the reality in our community.

We are the ONLY organization in Napa County doing this work, and we receive no government funding at all.  Last year, thanks to YOUR support, we did some great work to help keep Napa humane.

We performed spay/neuter surgeries for:
727 community cats (who have no owner)
1283 animals for local adoption or rescue organizations
4521 companion animals in total

We vaccinated 4678 pets against preventable diseases, and microchipped 1699 pets. This is important every day, but critical during times of disaster – as recent experiences remind us.

At our free wellness clinics for low-income pet families, we examined and treated 408 pets – more than half of whom had never seen a vet before.

We also presented in 76 Napa Valley classrooms and reached a total of 5993 children with lessons in pet safety and responsibility.

The actual cost of providing these services to Napa’s neediest residents far exceeds the fees we charge the public. We pay for the difference with private donations, putting your dollars to work protecting animals who have no voice, no funds, and no other way of getting these services.

I am so grateful to live and work in a kind-hearted community that truly cares about our animal neighbors. We’re sharing two beautiful stories from Napa Humane supporters Lea and Niko this month – I hope their words are as inspiring to you as they were for me.

Thank you again for your support in 2018 – here’s to an even kinder, more compassionate 2019!

With gratitude,

Wendi Piscia, Executive Director

Photography by: Seymour & McIntosh

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