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Napa Humane’s Wellness Clinics aim to remove the financial and language barriers that often stand in the way of pets receiving quality care and lifesaving spay/neuter surgeries. We hosted our latest Clinic August 19th, and it was one for the record books!

Our volunteer vets, vet techs, and tech assistants treated a record 130 patients. Almost 80 of these pets had never been examined by a vet before! Almost 60 had never received any kind of professional veterinary attention before — including vaccines. We were thrilled to be able to provide these furry family members with the medical care they needed, and to help teach their families about responsible pet ownership.

Of the 130 pets we saw, we were able to sign up 61 for spay/neuter surgery, helping reduce unwanted litters and needless suffering. We gave distemper/parvo vaccines to 85 dogs, and rabies vaccinations to 80 pets who needed them. We also provided almost 60 microchips to help ensure these beloved companions can find their families again if they ever get lost.

The photos from that day tell the rest of the story…nerves, love, gratitude, and joy!

This incredibly successful clinic was made possible by the generosity of our volunteer vets and vet support professionals, and the team of local volunteers who gave up their weekend morning to help translate, support, and arrange the logistics.

We are so excited to be recognized by the Petco Foundation for our work at these clinics. Their $4,000 investment will help us continue to provide spay/neuter services to Napa County pets like Max, whom we met at our last event.

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, we were also able to provide Wellness 2.0 for pets who needed more serious medical interventions. Two tiny Chihuahuas — Daysy and J-Lo — had multiple teeth extracted. Sheila, the cat, got help with medication-resistant polyps or tumors in her ear. Keela, an 11-year-old pitbull adopted from the shelter, had several skin cancer tumors removed by Dr. Bachman (who recommends she start using sunscreen and lay off the sunbathing). All of these beloved pets are now doing well, and experiencing a better quality of life.

We’re planning another Wellness 2.0 surgery day soon for other pups with medical challenges. Marly had a foxtail extracted from his face at the Wellness Clinic, but the left side was infected; he will be treated for severe periodontal disease, foxtails in his mouth, and hotspots. Fifi needs a blood panel, dental work, a spay, and a hernia removed. Chincha needs a spay, and to have a mass removed from her little derrière.

We could not help these sweet pets without you! If you’d like to help underwrite future Wellness Clinics or Wellness 2.0, please reach out and donate today. Your support makes these life-changing treatments possible.

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