Training the Next Generation of RVTs

For the first time ever, Napa Humane is hosting RVT interns! We are thrilled to be helping train capable and compassionate new professionals, helping solve the nationwide vet/RVT shortage, and at the same time, benefiting from their growing skill sets. It’s a win-win for everyone!

In the past, we were told that Napa Humane’s focused operations wouldn’t be able to offer interns varied enough experiences. But recently, our Program Director, Lisa Alexander, met with Carrington College’s Clinical Coordinator of Veterinary Technology Program, and reviewed the Clinical Rotation task list. We determined that in fact, we can offer interns the opportunity to use many of the required skills and activities under the supervision of our team. Carrington promised that the few activities Napa Humane can’t offer (such as reading radiographs) would be offered to these interns during their regular school hours, so they would not miss out on necessary training by coming to work with us.

One of our staff RVTs recently left to take her dream job as an instructor at Carrington College, helping mentor future RVTs every day. Though her departure left us shorthanded, we are thrilled to have found a way to not only alleviate that issue, and also help train future RVTs who are so sorely needed around the country.

It’s an innovative solution that helps with both our present and our future needs!

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