The Best Films of the Summer

Napa Humane’s Executive Director Wendi Piscia was at the barber shop with her son when the client in the next chair mentioned he taught photography and videography at Vintage High School. Wendi shamelessly chimed in and said, “I’ve got the perfect project for your students if they need a senior project or volunteer hours!” and so Napa Humane’s educational video series was born.

We were so lucky to partner with such talented Vintage High School students. As part of their Senior Project, Sara Heinke, Sydney Griego, Katie Kerruish, Alyssa Rangel, and Jesse-Kate Ross visited Napa Humane several times to scout locations, block out their shots, and be sure that everything was just right. We were so impressed by their level of professionalism and the details that they added to make these videos more fun.

These young film students made three demonstration videos about basic pet care, starring our Lead Registered Veterinary Technician Deassa and a few of her adorable fur babies. Naturally, the canine co-stars stole the show! Check them out on YouTube:

How to Trim Your Dog’s Nails, with Esther The Irresistible.

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth, with Pete The Sweet.

Why (and how to) Microchip? with Nina The Unflappable.

We are thrilled to be able to share these videos with the world, and help everyone understand these pet care essentials!

In addition to these videos for their senior project, Alyssa and Jesse-Kate made an informational video for the student film festival about Napa Humane’s important work, and ways people can support it. It features our Executive Director, Wendi Piscia, and an excellent overview of what we do and why. You can check that out on YouTube here!

Thank you, Sara, Sydney, Katie, Alyssa, Jesse-Kate, and Vintage High School for helping us spread our message and mission!

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