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Rattlesnake Season: Safety Tips and Rattlesnake Avoidance Training Options

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As rattlesnake season approaches, it’s crucial to prioritize pet safety!  At Napa Humane, we dedicate ourselves to keeping our furry friends out of harm’s way.  Rattlesnakes are more active in warmer months, increasing the risk of encounters with pets during hikes or outdoor adventures.

Here are top tips to keep your pets safe:

    • Stay vigilant: Maintain a close watch on your surroundings, especially in areas known to be inhabited by rattlesnakes.
    • Leash Up: Keep your pets on a leash during walks or hikes to prevent them from straying into snake territory.
    • Avoid High-Risk Areas: Steer clear of tall grass, rocky outcroppings, and dense brush where snakes may be hiding.
    • Educate Yourself: Learn to recognize the signs of a rattlesnake encounter and learn what to do if your pet is bitten.
    • Consider Rattlesnake Avoidance Training: Historically, this training has involved aversive equipment, but there are now options available that don’t rely on fear or pain. Check out local class options at Marin Humane or explore online training options. These classes often include one-on-one coaching and a self-paced system, allowing you to make training progress without sacrificing your weekends.

Here are some recommended options:

If you suspect a rattlesnake has bitten your pet, seek veterinary care immediately. Time is of the essence in these situations.

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