Putting Paws to the Pavement

It’s National Walk Your Dog Month! Dogs are active, curious animals, so a walk is just about the best thing in the world for a dog. Not to ignore all the obvious physiological health reasons walking is good for both you and your furry friend, several unexpected benefits come with a daily walk.

It Keeps Their Brain Active
A dog is a pack animal and, as such, is always looking out for the good of the unit. When you travel outside the safety of the family “den,” their senses are heightened, and they are alert for potential danger, fun, or friends. This is a lot of new stimuli they have to process. They are also exposed to new smells, which gets them in touch with some of their hereditary traits and instincts.

It Creates A Bond
Your dog won’t forget you’re out there exploring with them, too. And you are the individual looking out for bicycles, cars, and other potentially frightening obstacles and toward parks and playgrounds and positive things. So, a walk habitually confirms that you are a good leader, strengthening your dog’s devotion.

It Relaxes Them
Ultimately, this creates calm, curious, friendly behavior. The more your dog feels safe and has a good leader, the happier and more relaxed it will be.

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