Keep Your Fur Babies Safe This Holiday

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Nobody wants to spend the holidays at the vet’s! Keep your holidays merry and bright with these five tips to protect your furry loved ones from the risks of the season.

  • Beware of Plants. Mistletoe berries and poinsettia leaves, stems & flowers can be poisonous to pets. Keep these firmly out of reach in your home, and be sure to pick up any leaves and berries that may fall to the floor – or just use artificial versions to be safe!
  • Killer Feasts. Lots of delicious celebratory foods can actually cause serious harm to your pets. Alcoholic beverages, walnuts, chocolate, meat bones, and seeds and pits from many fruits are dangerous if swallowed by cats and dogs. (Click here for more detail on poisonous foods.)
  • Shield the Flames. If you’ve got a fireplace, always make sure there’s a screen in place to catch popping wood or sparks. When not using the fireplace, always shut the door securely to keep your pets from romping in the ashes.
  • No Low Stuff. Keep candles, tinsel, and any potentially harmful decoration high enough off the floor that wagging tails and curious mouths can’t reach them. Decorations can cause choking or intestinal problems if swallowed.
  • Watch the Cords. Tack down or cover electrical cords! If your pet bites through one, it can cause a severe tongue burn and respiratory distress, because the burn will make your pet’s lungs fill with fluid.

For more advice on holiday safety with pets, visit our website, here.

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