Huge Strides for Wellness

Napa Humane’s latest wellness clinic on March 3 saw a record-breaking 163 pets! More than 80% were from Napa County, with 15% from our neighbors in Solano County. We are proud to report that we scheduled approximately 60 animals for spay/neuter appointments during the weeks following the wellness clinic.

Our four volunteer doctors, including Dr. Bachman, Dr. Amanda Mamo, Dr. Kim Schmidt and Dr. Mary Whitehill, worked tirelessly to give much-needed medical direction and to dispense prescriptions – some of which will be life-changing for dogs that have been living for years with pretty serious eye, ear and skin conditions. We administered 99 rabies vaccines, and 120 other essential canine and feline vaccinations, all donated to us by Merck and Boehringer Ingelheim.  We microchipped 53 pets, applied 139 doses of flea medicine, and trimmed countless nails.

Registered vet techs, assistants, and administrative volunteers turned out from Cal Pet, Napa Small Animal Hospital, Silverado Veterinary Hospital, We Care and Napa Valley Holistic Veterinary Services. I am so proud of how we have brought together so many from such different parts of our veterinary community. We have a really strong core group of repeat volunteers who are so passionate about these clinics.

I had another special moment that day when I realized that we have truly reached our goal of becoming a trusted part of the Latino community in the Valley. I had a distinguished elderly gentleman come up to me after getting services for his dog, asking how his grandson could get his dog neutered even though he was not at the clinic that day. He told me he felt it was really important for his grandson to neuter his dog and he wanted to make sure that he got it done.

When we first started these clinics, we had to work so hard to convince people – especially older generations – that they should spay/neuter their pets. It was such a challenge to a deeply ingrained belief. But now, everyone is seeking us out and it is really rare that we have to try to convince someone who is reluctant. (And yes, of course we signed his grandson up!)

I call that a day worth celebrating!

Enjoy the photos (by Sally Seymour)!  Click here to learn more about our amazing photographer, Sally Seymour.

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