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Over the past year, we’ve been working with the Napa Library to help teach our children about compassion and responsibility. The result is our Kind Kids collection at the public library – a list of wonderful animal-related titles for children of all ages, selected and donated to the library by Napa Humane.

These books offer a huge range of important lessons – from overcoming fear of dogs, to losing a pet, and reading animal body language – all told in engaging and colorful stories of cross-eyed kittens, emotional Labradors, and gluttonous cats. The full list of humane education titles (with a short summary of each) is available on our website, here.

Thanks to your support, we have donated at least one copy of each book on the list to the library’s collection, but we’d love to give more! Even one $15 book can touch hundreds of local kids’ lives in important ways. Please help us teach Napa Valley’s next generation how to be kind, compassionate citizens of the world…and consider picking up copies of these books for your own family, as well.

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