Free Rabies Shots at Napa Humane September 28

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Free Rabies Shots at Napa Humane September 28
World Rabies Day reminds us to protect our pets and community

Napa Humane is sponsoring free rabies vaccinations on Friday, Sep. 28, in support of World Rabies Day 9/28. Local residents can drop by Napa Humane’s clinic on California Boulevard in Napa with their dogs or cats between 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. for free rabies shots and vaccination information.

Rabies is a viral disease of the central nervous system that kills both animals and humans. Worldwide, more than 55,000 people die every year from rabies, and children are often at highest risk. World Rabies Day began in 2007 to raise awareness about the impact of this potentially deadly virus, and how easy it is to prevent it.

 Rabies is transmitted by the saliva of infected mammals, typically through bites or licking of open wounds or mucous membranes (like the mouth). In Napa County, wild bats, skunks, raccoons, foxes and unvaccinated dogs and cats are the most likely carriers of the disease. Some wild animals infected with rabies may seem tame and come into houses, while rabid dogs may show aggression and try and attack other animals, cars, fences and people. They may also salivate excessively, and show paralysis of the lower jaw or hind legs.

Once symptoms begin, there is no cure. Napa Humane strongly encourages all pet owners to vaccinate their pets regularly against rabies, and to keep them away from wild animals at all times.

If you think that you or your pet may have been exposed to an animal of unknown vaccination status, wash any bite wounds with soap and water, and consult a doctor or veterinarian immediately. A series of post-exposure immunization injections must be administered as soon as possible to prevent infection. Without this treatment, the disease is fatal.

“Rabies is a terrible disease that’s 100% preventable,” says Wendi Piscia, Executive Director of Napa Humane. “Let’s make sure our companion animals get the vaccines they need to stay safe. By protecting them, we also protect our families and community.”

For more information about rabies vaccinations and Napa Humane’s clinic, please visit our website, or call (707) 252.7442 x 200.

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