Feeling Grateful!

This month marks a jaw-dropping seventeen years since I first joined the Napa Humane team – and I couldn’t feel more blessed. In the last seven years since I stepped into the Executive Director role, we’ve weathered two giant wildfires, multiple PSPS events, a global pandemic and now an acute veterinary shortage.  Needless to say, it’s been (and will continue to be) pretty darn challenging – but it’s also been incredibly rewarding.  Working in animal welfare has been a goal of mine since childhood, and I’ve gotten to do it alongside the most amazing individuals – many of whom have been with Napa Humane for a decade or more.  (More proof of what a great place it is!)

As we reconvened at Oxbow Commons for our first in-person Walk for Animals event in two years, I was thrilled to see so many familiar faces.  We may have had to take a break from “normal life” for a while, but that definitely didn’t break the connection between Napa Humane and our community.  Today I’m giving thanks for that, for our team, for our community partners, and for every single one of you! Here’s why.

Our Awesome Staff

Our Napa Humane team truly believes in the work that we do. They show their dedication in every spay/neuter surgery, every vaccination and microchip, every piece of pet advice, and every child they teach pet safety to in school.

I am particularly in awe of Dr. Amanda Vance, who in her almost 15 years with us has performed more than 40,000 spay/neuter surgeries! Think a second about the impact that’s made on our community. . . it’s mind-blowing! Her dedication and skills are phenomenal, and I am so grateful she’s part of our small-but-mighty team. Thank you, Dr. Amanda!!

Our Fantastic Board of Directors and Amazing Volunteers

Every volunteer helps advance our mission, whether in a leadership Board position, or showing up at a single-day event – but the ones who keep coming back become family.

Bill Bennet, for example, has been in our corner for as many years back as I can recall. After the 2014 earthquake, it was Bill who showed up at our Clinic to assess the damage.  Fast forward to just this past week, and Bill was there again, performing an energy usage audit to determine why our PG&E bill has had a mysterious spike. At each Walk for Animals event, he gathers up his fellow Rotary Club members to volunteer along the route and keeps all the paws moving smoothly for the cause.  Bill has been managing the Walk route since 2013. We are so lucky to have you, Bill!

Our Loyal Local Businesses

Local business partnersNapa’s generous local businesses support an incredible number of deserving nonprofit organizations in our community. Donation requests come fast and furious all year round, and I’m sure it often feels overwhelming to the hard-working men and women in charge.

We are beyond grateful to every restaurant, winery, and business who’s ever held an event in support of Napa Humane, contributed an item for our silent auction, provided discounted services, or written a donation check to Napa Humane. Thank you for choosing us! Your generosity makes such a difference to the pets and pet owners in our community.


I know I sound like a broken record, but I really can’t say thank you enough. Thank you for helping ensure puppies and kittens are not born to an uncertain future. Thank you for making it possible to provide life-saving services to pet owners at less than cost, and keep the skyrocketing cost of veterinary care affordable for those who need it. Thank you for caring about innocent animals who rely on humans to ensure that they are well cared for. Thank you for putting your trust in Napa Humane!

I look forward to many more great years with Napa Humane, and with you all.

Wendi Piscia, Executive Director

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