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Mother’s Day typically is right around the peak of kitten season, as the Napa County Animal Shelter starts to burst at the seams with orphaned and abandoned kittens. Why not make a donation in Mom’s honor to help prevent this needless suffering? We’re currently able to offer free spay/neuter surgeries for community cats because of donors like you.

Unaltered community cats are primarily responsible for the massive population explosion each year. An unspayed cat left to breed in the wild can get pregnant when she’s five months old, and have more than 100 offspring in the course of her life. Spay/neuter programs are the only way to prevent community cat populations (and their environmental, public health, and ethical challenges) from growing exponentially.

Napa Humane works year round to help reduce the cost and logistical challenges of having community cats spayed/neutered, by providing free loaner traps, advice, and resources as well as the surgeries themselves. Our community cat program is designed to help local residents bring their community cats in to be spayed/neutered (and vaccinated) at our Clinic, at minimal or no cost to them.

Whether you view them as a nuisance or a vulnerable population in need of help, community cats are a community responsibility…we all must do what we can to help the situation. Spay/neuter is the simplest, safest, and most cost-effective solution to cat homelessness.

Please consider making a donation this month! If not for Mother’s Day, for a more compassionate future.

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