Can We Get to Wellness Clinic 2.0?

Categories: Cats, Dogs, Fundraising

We’re proud that our Wellness Clinics are able to cover the full cost of preventative care and basic ear, eye and skin conditions for most pets. But there are always a few animals who come in with bigger problems…a rotten tooth that needs to be pulled, a dead limb that should be amputated, an eye infection so severe it needs to be removed. Often, a straightforward veterinary procedure can make these animals healthy and pain-free, and we can contract with a veterinarian to provide it at cost. Unfortunately, even at cost, the price of this care is often still prohibitive for low-income families.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have received an anonymous pledge of $5,000 in matching funds to cover these special situations!

If we can meet this matching challenge, Napa Humane will be able to take our Wellness Clinics to the next level…providing our community’s most vulnerable pets with the more specialized veterinary services they so sorely need.

Will you help us meet this challenge?

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