Alternatives to Dog Parks

Did you know there are three dog parks in Napa? While this might seem a great resource to exercise your dog, these meet-ups aren’t for every pup. Dog parks can be crowded, unpredictable, and downright overwhelming for even a socialized dog. Various dogs, and breeds, have different play behaviors. While some may enjoy a game of tug with a stick, others dogs may find that behavior aggressive, or this might kick in guarding instincts. You also don’t know vaccination status or health, and diseases and parasites can be shared easily. So think carefully if a dog park is what is best for your best friend.

If not, don’t worry; you can do plenty of other things outside your regular walks to keep your dog active and entertained.

Doggie Playdates: Arrange small group play-dates with dogs with compatible play styles and fully vaccinated.

Doggie Daycare: Doggie daycares are monitored by trained professionals who watch over your pup’s behavior and enforce the rules.

Obedience Training; Teach your dog a new command per week. They love the one-on-one time with you and enjoy the praise and treats.

Playtime at home: Use interactive toys, like treat dispensers, that keep your pup busy indoors where it’s safe.

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