A Tail of Two Caturdays

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TNR teamOur expert Caturday spay/neuter team gave up two of their precious weekend days off in August and September, to help prevent the needless suffering caused by pet overpopulation. Studies have shown that TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs like these improve the lives of feral cats, improve their relationships with the people who live near them, and decrease the size of colonies over time.

Tabby cat being examinedOn August 20th, lead veterinarian Dr. Debra Dangelo-Loechner and RVT Deassa ignored the summer sunshine to spay/neuter 25 community cats and kittens from Napa County. Some came from as far away as Pope Valley and American Canyon. In addition to this “bonus” surgery day, Napa Humane altered 100 community cats in August as part of our Feral Drop Off program for Napa County residents.

Our next Caturday focused on community cats in neighboring Lake County and Solano County. There are no low-cost spay/neuter options for cats in these counties, and we know we need to step up to help humanely reduce the community cat population in these struggling areas. On September 17th, 27 cats and kittens from Lake and Solano arrived for services, making it a long, but satisfying day for our team. In addition to spaying/neutering, we shaved matted fur, applied flea medicine, vaccinated, microchipped and added ear tips. An eartip, of course, identifies a cat as having been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. This lets everyone know at a glance that a cat has gone through a TNR program and should be left to live its best life.

TNR cat carriersWe couldn’t have successful TNR days like these without the good Samaritans who do what it takes to trap and transport the cats to and from the clinic. Our trappers range from TNR veterans with years of experience, to brand new trappers who saw a problem in their neighborhood and wanted to help. With a little bit of guidance and the loan of Napa Humane traps, anyone can be part of the solution. Will you join us?

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