Local Dog Training Resources

Local Dog Training Resources

Napa Humane offers a wide variety of training classes.  More information about classes, schedule, and registration found here.

 Reasons you should train your dog:

  • To build a positive relationship.  Training serves to strengthen the bond between a dog and his owner. It builds communication, understanding, and mutual respect.
  • To teach life skills.  Every dog needs to know how to live successfully in a home environment.
  • To teach sociability.  Knowing how to behave around people and other dogs and in various environments is key to harmonious living.
  • To avoid behavior problems.  Things like pulling on the leash, barging through doors, jumping up, snatching, and running off, are often put down to a dog’s personality, but fortunately they are all training issues and can be fixed by regular training sessions.
  • To ensure safety.  A trained dog is less likely to run off, get into fights with other dogs, or injure a person by jumping on them or biting.

Which class format is best?

In group classes, dogs learn to interact with other dogs, accept handling by other people, and respond to their owners despite distractions. Owners learn by observing other people interacting with their dogs and benefit from the camaraderie. Dogs with specific behavior issues such as aggression may benefit more from individual training.

When possible, all family members should participate in the dog’s training. By learning to communicate humanely and effectively with their canine friend, they will develop bonds that will form the basis of the entire relationship.

See Napa Humane Dog Training Program.

Additional Dog Training Resources

Napa Valley Dog Training Club, Inc.
68 Coombs Street, #7
Napa, Ca 94558

Shake it Off Dog Training

Choosing an individual dog trainer

When group classes are not appropriate for your pup, you may consider hiring a trainer.  When researching dog trainers a recommendation from a friend, neighbor, veterinarian, boarding kennel, or groomer is a good place to start. You can also search online or check the Yellow Pages under “Pet Training.” Don’t assume that a trainer’s membership in a dog trainer association qualifies him/her as a suitable instructor: Not all associations’ membership criteria will meet your expectations.

Also, because no government agency regulates or licenses trainers, it’s that much more important to investigate their qualifications. Find out how many years of experience they have, how they were educated, and what training methods they use. Ask prospective trainers for several references from clients who have used them.

For more information on choosing a dog trainer, consult Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers® (CCPDT®) here.

*Please note that Napa Humane is not affiliated with the Napa Valley Dog Training Club, Shake It Off or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers® and the organization’s inclusion here does not represent an endorsement.





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