Income Eligible Program

Thank you for making the decision to alter your pet! Spay/neuter is the cornerstone of ending pet overpopulation and we applaud you doing your part to help end the suffering of homeless animals.

Napa Humane offers highly reduced fees for qualifying income eligible pet owners. This program aims to remove barriers to spaying and neutering pets and ensure that all Napa County residents have access to affordable spay/neuter services.

Due to overwhelming demand for spay/neuter appointments, we are only able to offer appointments to Napa County residents until further notice.

Applications must be on file and approved at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We cannot approve applications day of or retroactively.



Napa, Lake and Solano County Residents

Napa, Lake and Solano County Income Eligible Residents

Male Cat Neuter
Female Cat Spay
Male Dog Neuter
$225/$275 (over 65 lbs)
$105/$125 (over 65 lbs)
Female Dog Spay
$300/ $350 (over 65 lbs)
$105/$125 (over 65 lbs)
Rabbit Spay or Neuter

An additional fee of $20 will be charged for cryptorchid males (undescended testicle or testicles) and umbilical hernia repair.

How to Qualify

Qualification is income-based. All of the following is required when applying:

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Government issued identification

Such as a driver’s license/identification card, passport or green card.

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Proof of residency

Such as a utility bill or current piece of mail that shows your name and address. Often, documentation for one of the below services will show your name and physical address and can be used for both proof of residence and income eligibility.

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Proof of  income eligibility

Using one of the two options below. If you are basing qualification on the second option, last year’s tax return is the most efficient documentation to upload (only the first page is necessary).

Proof of Income Eligibility

There are two options for proof for income eligibility:

Assistance Programs

You or another person in your household is participating in one of these assistance programs:

CalFresh/Food Stamps




AT&T Lifeline

Proof of current participation is required with your application


The combined gross income of all household members must not exceed the “very low income” limitations by household size below:


  • 1 PERSON$41,600
  • 2 PERSONS$47,550
  • 3 PERSONS$53,500
  • 4 PERSONS$59,400
  • 5 PERSONS$64,200
  • 6 PERSONS$68,950
  • 7 PERSONS$73,700
  • 8 PERSONS$78,450

Proof of income (last year’s tax return, or if not available, three-months of pay stubs from all jobs for all wage earners) is required with your application.

Social security benefit letters, W-2s, bank statements, and pay stubs for a single wage earner in a multi-adult household may not be considered sufficient proof of income.

How to Apply

Step 1

Review Information

Review the qualification requirements above

Step 2

Fill Out Form

Fill out the Napa Humane Reduced Fees web form in English or Spanish.

Have all required documentation ready for upload by scanning or taking a picture using your smart phone; this information includes:

  • Proof of Income Eligibility
  • Driver’s License
  • Proof of Residency

All of the above should be uploaded under qualifying documentation; failure to provide it may result in your application being denied.

Step 3

Submit Form

Submit form online or apply by coming into the Clinic (located at 3265 California Boulevard) during business hours and dropping off the application with the required documentation. It will be reviewed and the applicant contacted. Once qualified, an appointment may be scheduled.

Applications must be on file and approved at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. We cannot approve applications day of or retroactively.

Step 2

Fill out the Form Online

Print out our form in English or Español

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